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    • Assessment: Before starting the replacement process, a technician assesses the extent of damage to the edge glass and the overall condition of the device. They may also check for any other issues that need attention, such as a malfunctioning display or touch sensitivity.
    • Disassembly: To access the edge glass, the technician needs to disassemble the device carefully. This usually involves removing the device's back cover, battery, and any other components necessary to reach the edge glass.
    • Heating: Many edge glass replacements require the use of heat to soften adhesive that holds the glass in place. Heat guns or specialized heating pads may be used to gradually warm the adhesive without damaging the device's internal components.
    • Separation: Once the adhesive is sufficiently softened, the technician carefully separates the damaged edge glass from the device's frame. This step is particularly delicate because it involves separating the glass without damaging the underlying display or other components.
    • Cleaning and Prep: After the old edge glass is removed, the technician cleans any adhesive residue from the device's frame and ensures it's ready for the installation of the new glass.
    • Application of Adhesive: The technician applies a special adhesive to the device's frame. The type of adhesive used is often specific to the device model and the replacement glass.
    • Installation of New Edge Glass: The new edge glass is carefully aligned and attached to the device's frame, ensuring a secure and precise fit. This step requires precision to avoid any misalignment or air bubbles.
    • Curing: Some adhesives require curing or drying under controlled conditions, such as specific temperature and humidity levels. Technicians may use curing ovens or other equipment to complete this step.
    • Reassembly: With the new edge glass securely in place, the technician reassembles the device, including components like the battery and back cover.
    • Testing: Before returning the device to the customer, thorough testing is conducted to ensure that the edge glass replacement was successful. This includes checking touch sensitivity, display functionality, and overall device performance.

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